Real Estate Management + 24 Hours Service RentalsYour property is managed in compliance with all legal and administrative requirements. arrendamento

The 24-hour service provides support to all tenants 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The Apuramento Hone assumes all the part of the management of lease, provides advice and patrimonial advice with a view to monetize its property, encompassing the following services:

·         Collection of rentals·         Issuance of electronic receipts·         Warnings·         Income Updates·         Notices of income arrears·         Collection of arrears of income payment·         Tenant Complaint Management·         Follow-up of the tenant and periodic visits (weekly, biweekly or·         Monthly) to the property·         Manage small works and necessary repairs in the property of the landlord’s responsibility·         Annual activity report submission·         Provision of professional interior and exterior cleaning service·         Maintenance of your property·         Insurance·         24 Hour Support Service